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Peoria police volunteer

I used to live in Chicago. I remember hearing the stories of people closing their windows so they did not have to hear the cries for help as a woman was getting raped. I remember the stories of people turning a deaf ear to pleas. I am so proud that my father raised me differently. There once was a saying of how now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the country. That was a verse we used back in the Stone Age days of typing class. But never was it more true than today. I am sick as I watch news clips of people filming while a police officer is in a struggle for his life instead of getting in there and helping the officer. People would rather film and complain than actually get involved anymore. That must change!

This is a challenge…

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The Perfect Storm?

As I sit here reading the news, I am disheartened at the complete ignorance of society. As the world is consumed with the criminal acts of Ferguson, Ebola and whatever else the Mainstream media wants us to see, our financial world is crumbling. China has banned together with Russia, Brazil, India and South America to create the BRICs bank as well as creating their own gold exchange. This is getting almost no media attention at all, not to mention that several countries are pulling their gold out of the Federal Reserve. Our stock market, although the media would have you believe its doing well, is actually at the height of another bubble.

First, the BRICs bank. The Brics Bank has been created using gold as the backer. China and Russia have begun trading with other countries using their own currencies instead of the US dollar and are no longer buying US bonds. What does that mean? Simply put, they are no longer favoring the US dollar as the reserve currency. They know that our dollar is highly inflated and no longer valuable. They also feel that the gold price is being manipulated so they have created the Shanghai Gold exchange.

Second, countries are removing their gold from the Federal Reserve where its currently being held and back to their own soil. The latest was the Netherlands, who pulled 122.5T of gold.

And last but not least, the Stock Market. The last time the market was at a peak such as today, we had the dot.com crash of 2000 and the housing bubble of 2008. The stock market has been artificially kept high and gold prices down. The laws of supply and demand do not support the very low price of where gold has remained for months now, especially since the stock market has had some very bad days recently. You would expect gold to be higher especially in times of turmoil like we are seeing now.

I feel we at a critical time and there are so many events going on that could create the perfect storm for a complete meltdown of the economic system and possibly the new slate that is needed for  complete currency reset. I pray I am wrong, but history repeats itself and the US seems to ignore this fact.

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While Americans were watching the mid-term elections, something more sinister was happening

While Americans were busy waiting for the results of the 2014 mid-term elections, something more dangerous than democrats with a blank check at a DNC Fundraiser was happening.

The Obama administration in keeping with its plan to close down Guantanamo Bay, decided to release a suspected terrorist. The defense department concluded that the terrorist was not a threat to America. Where have heard this before?

President Obama does not seem to care if the American people are safe and that was clear the day he traded 5 known terrorists for one American traitor, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. These terrorists are said to have resumed fighting against the United States.

This is another fine example of the Media covering what they want you see, not what is ultimately important to the American people.

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Does America Suffer from Psychological Egoism?

America, once the land of promise and opportunity has become a land filled with drones, both machines and human alike. Intellect is a thing of the past for most high school students and in its place is social media, social medicine and social thought. Could it be that the perceived altruism of government has finally taken over the population?A population who sincerely believes that the government is suppose to take care of its people?

 In order for society to thrive, the era of reliance of government must once again revert back to its roots of self sufficiency. In the early part of the 1900’s people would never think of expecting their neighbor to share half his crops because he failed to plant his own. You relied on your on skills and labor to provide for your family. The idea of dependance on government was unheard of, instead you depended on God for direction.

Today’s culture is infiltrated with greed, self-interest and immoral rampages. People look to the government to tell them what is good and what is bad without ever asking why. Has the mind become so lazy in the past 40 years that it has taken on the drone mentality? Consume, consume, consume and never save for a rainy day…you don’t have to, around the corner there will always be a bailout for the poor unfortunate souls who have nothing but electronic game systems, cell phones and social media.

I pray for the day when the intellectual mind rises again and America becomes a producer instead of a consumer. It would be an ultimate act of God for it to happen in my lifetime I know, but sometimes the childhood fantasies take over my mind and in a moment of running through wheat fields and strawberry patches I think….just maybe.

By mustlovegoats